Basement Remodeling in Chicago

Do you have an unfinished basement and you want to expand the living space in your home? Or maybe you are looking for a way to make the basement area more comfortable or functional? The basement is often a forgotten area of the home but there are some great remodeling techniques that can be used to improve the basement and make your home more comfortable. When the basement is remodeled it is amazing to see how much the space can be used more effectively. We offer basement remodeling as well as many other remodeling services for any area of your home. When you are ready to finish your basement then we invite you to contact us to learn more about the options that are available. We are always available to answer your questions and help with every aspect of your basement remodeling project.

How to Plan Your Basement Remodel

If you will be undertaking the project to remodel the basement then it is important to consider all of the details to make sure you get it done right. We will first assess the current condition of your basement and then put together a design plan and action list to make sure that nothing is forgotten. We have worked with people who need to have walls and insulation installed in their basement and others who already have a finished basement but they would like to improve the space with remodeling. Let us know your needs and preferences and we can adjust the project accordingly. Do you want to have the convenience of a wet bar in the main living space in the basement? Or maybe you are looking for a way to improve the space to make it more hospitable for guests and visitors. We will talk with you about the way the basement space will be used, to determine the best design features to meet your need. Sometimes, simple upgrades can make a difference in a basement that is already finished. For example, you might consider adding a built-in entertainment center and upgrading the paint and flooring in the room. These features can create a whole new style in the basement and completely transform the space.

Choosing Design and Color Details

Do you already have the perfect dream of how you want the basement to look? Show us pictures of the design elements that you like, and we can match the remodeling techniques to create the perfect basement for your home. We offer a variety of design styles, and can create any type of home that you can dream up. Or maybe you are looking for help because you are having a hard time deciding on the design features that should be included in your home. We are always available to assist during the decision making process, to help you understand the pros and cons of various design features that you can choose from. When you are planning the design elements in the basement it is very important to consider the way the space will be used. Will you be spending a lot of time entertaining friends and family in the basement or will it be an area for the kids to run around and play? Maybe the basement will be the area that is dedicated for projects and crafts and you need extra cupboards and counter space to accommodate these activities. During the design process we will talk with you about the ways the basement can be used, and then plan the design around the needs of your family. There are so many options available and our goal is to find the best solution that works for you!

Storage and Usability

Many people mistakenly think that the basement is only good for storage space but there are many other ways the space can be used as well. If you want storage then we can help you maximize the storage space that is available while also improving other areas of the basement for living space as well. We want to help you upgrade your basement and create a space that you will love! Contact us today to learn more about the basement remodeling services that are available and we will gladly help with anything that you need!

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